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We are the best Scrap buyers in Chennai such as Electrical & Electronics Scraps,  Home appliances scraps, Ferrous & Non ferrous scraps, Iron scraps and Steel scraps.

Scrap Buyers in Chennai

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At Everest Point Traders, we’re all about “green.” Providing you with “green” – money for your scrap materials and being “green” – a leading scarp buyer in Chennai.

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Home Appliances

Washing Machine, Grinder & Mixi, AC Scraps, Fridge Scraps, Television Scraps and all other home appliances Scraps.

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Electrical Scraps

All Motor Scrap, Grinder Scraps, Mixer Scraps, Geyser/ Water Heater, Batteries Scrap, Transformers Scrap and all other electrical scraps.

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Electronic Scraps

Television Scraps, Refrigerator/Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave/Oven, Home Appliances Scraps, Laptop and Desktop Scraps

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Ferrous & Non Ferrous

Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron & Stainless Steel. Precious metals, Titanium, Nickle, Platinum, Palladium, Aluminum, Zinc, Tin & Lead scraps.

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Steel &Iron Scraps

SS 201,202,301,304,316 and Metal Steel Scraps. MS, Iron Borings, Casting Iron, Oil Tins, Iron Barrels, Super Melting, Iron Channels Rolling's iron & Iron Rods Scraps

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E Waste Buyers

Television Scrap, Refrigerator/Fridge, Washing Machine, Microwave/Oven, Laptop, Digital cameras, Electronic Motherboards, e-Medical Equipment, Mobiles, Tabs, PCs and Monitors scraps.

Everest Point Traders

Scrap Weighing And Identification

Bring your scrap materials to Everest Point Traders. We use the advanced technology to accurately weigh your scrap materials and strive to offer you top prices at one of our drop-off sites

‍As the scrap buyers industry relies heavily on accurate weighing to determine material pricing with many bulk materials bought and sold by the pound. Customers who sell scrap material rely on their buyers to deliver a fair price for all materials purchased.

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Scrap Metal and E-Waste

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Buyers and Recyclers of all Scrap Metal and E-Waste

Whether you are recycling scrap materials or electronics equipment, our aim is to make this an efficient and professional experience for you. As experts in the scrap industry, we have developed our expertise to meet the needs of those we serve. EPT's commitment to customer satisfaction is our mission to ensure all recyclable waste is diverted from landfills. EPT perform all recycling on-site and guarantee full compliance with all local, state, and national regulations.

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