Sell Your Home appliances scraps

For the best price.

Washing Machine

Sell your old washing machines to buy new one. We buy all kind of washing machines scraps with best price

Grinder & Mixi

Sell your hectic Grinder and mixis to EPT for best price. We will buy scraps in any conditions with worth the price

AC Scraps

Good idea to replace your old ACs every 5 to 8 year once. We will take your ACs Working or non working conditions.

Fridge Scraps

Upgrade your Fridge by scrap your old fridge. EPT will take you all type of old fridges for a reliable price. Check out brands and model.

Television Scraps

Trends are changing, your TV also needed to change. We help you to change your TV to latest one. We pay best for old one.

Other Scraps

We buy All kind home appliance scraps in any brand or any model. We bet you that we are paying top around Chennai.

Scrap from Home Appliances

Private customers

Everest Point Traders is buying scraps from individual customers around Chennai.

Business customers

Fast and reliable made easily for business scraps from their premises any where in Tamil Nadu. 




Other Scraps

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